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GOG GALAXY 2.0 — All your games and friends in one place.



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All your games and friends in one place.

“GOG GALAXY 2.0 will be my new home base for organizing my library and picking what to play next.”– PC GAMER

“playing my PC games through GOG GALAXY 2.0 from now on is looking to be a no brainer.”– GameSpot

“It’s basically the system I’ve been waiting for years for someone to build. A one stop deployment platform that connects and works with all the others.”– CohhCarnage

  • One library

    Import all your games from PC and consoles, build and organize them into one master collection.

  • Game stats

    Keep track of all your achievements, hours played and games owned, combined across platforms.

  • Game launcher

    Install and launch any PC game you own, no matter the platform.

  • Full customization

    Create custom library views by filtering, sorting, tagging and adding your own visuals like game backgrounds and covers.

  • Games discovery Soon

    Follow upcoming releases, and discover games popular among your friends and the gaming community.

  • One friends list

    Bring together your friends from all platforms, and see their online status.

  • Activity feed

    See your friends’ cross-platform achievements, game time milestones and recently played games.

  • Leaderboards

    Compete with friends and see who is the master collector, completionist or spends the most time playing.

  • Cross-platform chat Soon

    No matter on which platform your friends are, you can chat with them.

  • No spying

    We’re not spying on data from your computer.

  • No data sharing

    We’ll never share your personal data with third parties.

  • Your data belongs to you

    With a single click, you can remove your imported data from our servers.

  • Community platform integrations

    Connect more platforms and add new features with open-source integrations.

  • Sync between devices

    All customizations and changes to your library are saved in the cloud and synced between all your devices.

  • Save custom views

    Save any view like a customized library or favorite games and friends to access them instantly.

  • Enhanced experience

    All new library management and friends features take your experience to the next level.

  • Auto-Updates

    Keep your GOG.COM games always up to date.

  • Cloud Saves

    Your saves are automatically backed up to the Cloud and are synced between your computers.

  • Multiplayer & Matchmaking

    GOG GALAXY-powered multiplayer games offer matchmaking and online play.

  • Rollbacks

    Restore your game to prior versions, if an update breaks it for you.

All your games and friends in one place.

  • What is GOG GALAXY 2.0 and why should I use it?

    GOG GALAXY 2.0 is an application, thanks to which you’ll be able to combine multiple libraries into one and connect with your friends across all gaming platforms, consoles included. If your games and gaming buddies are scattered between different launchers and platforms, this is a solution for you! Keeping track of all achievements earned by you and your friends, hours played, and games owned across platforms has never been this easy. And the application is entirely free, all you need is a GOG account to use it.

  • How can I add my games to GOG GALAXY 2.0?

    In GOG GALAXY 2.0 you’re adding games through official and community created integrations. By connecting platforms, the data about the games you own is automatically imported to the application. On top of that you are also able to manually add single games even if they are not connected to any platform.

  • Will GOG GALAXY 2.0 show all my games, or only those I have installed on my PC?

    Yes, GOG GALAXY 2.0 will show all your games from connected PC and console platforms… even if they are not currently installed.

  • Do I still need to have other gaming clients installed on my PC?

    Yes, if you want to get access to any features specific to that platform, e.g. installing or auto-updating games, cloud saves, etc.

  • Will I be able to customize my games library?

    Yes, our goal is to provide you with the most options possible to customize your games library. In GOG GALAXY 2. 0, you’ll be able to create your own views based on different filters available in the app, tags that you’ll create on your own, and search queries you’ll come up with. Mix and match all of those options to create countless library views. Once you do, save them for quick access and automatic synchronization. On top of that, you can also manually edit the metadata of every game in your master games collection.

  • How can I add my friends to GOG GALAXY 2.0?

    Like with games, in GOG GALAXY 2.0 adding friends begins with connecting platforms. By doing so, you can find other GOG GALAXY users who are your friends on the platforms or social networks you have connected.
    Additionally, you’ll be able to see non-GOG GALAXY users from friends lists of connected platforms – with an option to check their online status and chat with them cross-platform.

  • What kind of stats and activities will GOG GALAXY 2.

    0 show me?

    You’ll see all your games from connected platforms together with your progress in each title – achievements you’ve earned and your game time. Also, for your GOG GALAXY friends, you’ll be able to see their online status and what games they are playing, with their achievements and time spent in each title.

  • Will GOG GALAXY 2.0 spy on my computer?

    No. We’re not in the business of users’ data. GOG GALAXY 2.0 is only importing information from connected platforms – you always know what is imported through official integrations. Additionally we’ve made the community created integrations open-source, to ensure the transparency of imported data.

  • What data does GOG GALAXY 2.0 share with other platforms?

    We don’t share any data with third parties.

  • How can I delete my data from GOG GALAXY 2.


    Once you have disconnected a platform from GOG GALAXY 2.0, we will remove all your imported data from our servers.

  • What are the community created integrations and how I can create one?

    We want to offer integrations with all possible gaming platforms. This is a challenging and time-consuming process, not only because these are technically complex projects, but they also require negotiations and agreements with partners. We want all our official integrations to be supported by respective platform holders, so we make sure they’re in-line with partners’ policies and that they’re safe.
    While we’re hard at work on adding more official integrations, we’ve decided to give you – the community – an opportunity to work on your own open source platform integrations. The documentation about how to build your own GOG GALAXY 2.0 integrations for various gaming platforms can be found here.

  • I’m a GOG.

    COM user, what’s new for me in GOG GALAXY 2.0?

    The whole client has been rebuilt from the ground up to be better and faster. All features for third party platforms work for GOG.COM. With the new games library, you’ll be able to filter, sort and add tags to customize your views and save them for easy access. Thanks to the new friends section, you’ll have a chance to track your friends progress in every GOG.COM game, as well as see what they are currently playing. On top of that, GOG GALAXY 2.0 will remain your optional client for GOG.COM games – features like auto-updates, cloud saves, cross-play, rollbacks and more stay the same as the GOG GALAXY you’re currently using. Once we include all features available in the current version of GOG GALAXY client to the 2.0 version, we will update everyone to the GOG GALAXY 2.0 application.

  • How can I participate in the Open Beta?

    The Open Beta is already available and everybody is welcome to participate in it. To get access to GOG GALAXY 2.0 download the installer from www.gogalaxy.com. Once dowloaded, launch it and follow the instructions. GOG account and consent to GOG GALAXY 2.0 EULA are required to participate in the test. The GOG account is entirely free.

  • I found a bug in GOG GALAXY 2.0, how can I report it?

    There is an «Report an issue» option in the app under settings icon. We also encourage you to tell us what you think about GOG GALAXY 2.0 via the «Share feedback» option, in the same settings menu.

  • I’m a journalist/content creator and would like to get in touch with you, how I can contact you?

    Drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you!

Российский шутер Atomic Heart не выйдет в Game Pass в России






Xbox Game Pass
Atomic Heart
Game Pass
PC Game Pass


Игры в материале

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Шутер Atomic Heart не будет доступен в сервисе Game Pass в России. Информацию подтвердил комьюнити-менеджер Mundfish в официальном Discord-канале игры. Также разработчики пока не знают, будет ли доступна русская локализация в турецком PS Store.

Хотя Micorsoft еще в марте приостановила работу Microsoft Store в России, игры, добавляемые в Game Pass, по-прежнему доступны для пользователей с российскими аккаунтами при наличии подписки.

Случай с Atomic Heart станет одним из немногих, когда доступ к игре по подписке заблокируют для РФ. При этом ограничение можно будет легко обойти, просто сменив регион в настройках.

Релиз Atomic Heart состоится 21 февраля 2023 года. Для выпуска игры в России и странах СНГ разработчики заключили эксклюзивное соглашение с платформой VK Play. За международный релиз будет отвечать издательство Focus Entertainment.

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Купить Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — Ultimate на 1 месяц

Корпорация Microsoft

Первоначальная цена 14,99 долларов в месяц, в продаже — 1 доллар. 14,99 долл. США в месяц после этого

14,99 долл. США в месяц 1,00 долл. США

Подписка продолжается автоматически, если она не будет отменена через вашу учетную запись Microsoft. См. условия.

Доступ к библиотеке из более чем 100 высококачественных игр

Играйте в более чем 100 высококачественных игр с друзьями на консолях, ПК, телефонах и планшетах по одной низкой месячной цене. Игры постоянно добавляются, поэтому всегда есть во что поиграть.

Включает бесплатное членство в EA Play

С EA Play участники получают мгновенный доступ к коллекции самых любимых сериалов и лучших игр EA, эксклюзивным внутриигровым испытаниям и наградам, специальному контенту только для участников, и пробные версии некоторых игр на срок до 10 часов.

Включает все преимущества Xbox Live Gold

Присоединяйтесь к величайшему сообществу геймеров в самой передовой многопользовательской сети онлайн-консолей. Получайте бесплатные игры каждый месяц и экономьте до 50% в магазине Xbox.

Xbox Cloud Gaming (бета-версия)

Играйте вместе с сообществом миллионов игроков на консоли Xbox на уже имеющихся у вас устройствах. Информацию о доступности на рынке см. на xbox.com/regions​.

Выберите план, который подходит именно вам учетная запись.

Неограниченный доступ к более чем 100 высококачественным играм для ПК, консолей и мобильных устройств

Новые игры добавляются постоянно

Игры Xbox Game Studios в день их выпуска игровой контент и партнерские предложения

Играйте в игры на своем мобильном телефоне и планшете из облака

Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Gold включает в себя Deals with Gold, Games with Gold и консольную многопользовательскую игру

EA Play

Библиотека лучших игр Electronic Arts, эксклюзивные награды и контент только для участников

  • Получите абонемент PC Game Pass


    1,00 долл. США*

    интервал, если он не отменен в учетной записи Microsoft.

    Неограниченный доступ к более чем 100 высококачественным играм на ПК

    Новые игры добавляются постоянно

    Игры Xbox Game Studios в день их выпуска

    Скидки и предложения для участников

    EA Play

    Библиотека лучших игр Electronic Arts, эксклюзивные награды и контент только для участников на ПК


  • Получите Game Pass для консоли


    2 в месяц*9.

    По истечении любого рекламного периода плата за подписку продолжает взиматься по обычной цене и с указанным интервалом, если только она не будет отменена в учетной записи Microsoft.

    Неограниченный доступ к более чем 100 высококачественным консольным играм

    Новые игры добавляются постоянно

    Игры Xbox Game Studios в день их выпуска

    Скидки и предложения для участников


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